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LocalWebProfits  (Mobi1 Group) provides multiple Internet based services for local businesses. Individuals are invited to apply as Licensee for a specific City/Region. We take care of maintenance, hosting and updates. You set your own rates. We work as Partners with our Licensees. Are you in?

Secure your opportunity today.  **Money Back Guarantee

WHAT WE OFFER - Be in Business for Yourself

Own Your City/Region

LocalWebProfits (Mobi1 Group) offers entrepreneurial minded person to partner with the Mobi1 Apps Network in your selected City/Region as exclusive Licensee.

1. a An Individual can join as Licensee on an Exclusivity agreement for a designated region/city, and receives Partner Privileges and Benefits. To join in an available city/region as Exclusivity Licensee, a one-time refundable** License set-up fee of $1500 for that city/region is due. 

2.b. **License fee is refunded AFTER 1 year upon request by Licensee 30 days prior to the end of the 1st year. Any earnings during that year from Licensee's city/region will be deducted, as well as payment service fees (such as Paypal/credit card fees). 

2.c. This Refund offer is ONLY valid once at the end of the first year and not earlier or later. When Licensee request the refund, the Licensee agreement is terminated at such time, and Licensee understands, that further remuneration for any contracted local businesses will cease. If Licensee does not request a refund at that time, he/she is considered a vested Member of the Mobi1 Group for Licensee's designated region/city.

2.d. The Exclusivity Licensee may use as title "Regional Director" or similar title with approval of Mobi1 Group.

2.e. Licensee must have Skype with camera on their computer for visual training, screen sharing about data entry and payments. Visual communication is most beneficial to teach and explain details.

3.a. Licensee receives a custom City Directory website with Licensee's contact and Pay option settings. All Client subscription payments will go directly to Licensee's accounts.

3.b. Licensee must submit a per client monthly Service fee to the company. Fee details and  processing time are part of this agreement. 

3.c. Exclusivity Licensee may manage his/her own marketing team, and is solely responsible to pay at his/her own compensation plan. 

4. Mobi1 Group will refer any and all inquiries related to Licensee's city, to Licensee and/or Licensee's website.

5. Complete the Licensee Registration form. You can pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit cards via our Stripe payment processor. When your selected city/region is NOT available, you will a full refund or optional select another city.  

With your payment you acknowledge, that you have read and understand the 1 Year Refund Policy, it can only be requested AFTER your first year with a 30 day advance notice. Upon joining, Licensee will receive a City specific build Directory site with listed pages, as well as a custom build Mobile App site with Licensee name.

Contact us for Licensee and earnings details, as well as availability of your desired city/region.

Licensee Registration