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LocalWebProfits provides multiple Internet based services for local businesses, as well as unique Custom Avatar Pals and Videos, Doodle styled videos with Avatars, and most important Mobile App sites at affordable rates.

**15% Minimum Earnings Guarantee   ***Buy-Back Guarantee

Join me as a Partner (no activity required)
Looking for few people with a vision.

1. The business is operating and offers:
Multiple City and Niche custom-build Directories, custom Mobile Apps designed for local Business clients, custom Avatar Spokesperson for Business client's website

2. Local Businesses join the "1$-a-day" multiple services concept with $30 recurring subscription.

3. Our goal: Expanding our Directory Network into 10, 50 - 100+ cities.

4. What's in it for YOU? Up to 60% revenue share for partner(s)
15% Minimum Guarantee** of Partner contribution, and a
Money-Back Guarantee***

5. A Total of $15 per client per month will be paid to partners. There are only a maximum of 30 partner units available, each for $500. If you partner with 2 units ($1,000), you will receive $1 per paid client listing per month (1 unit pays $0.50 per client per month). Don't CLICK AWAY! It's all in the NUMBERS!

5.a. Based on revenues of only 2 cities with 2 new client per week, this would generate 1st year gross revenues of $72,000 (est. net Partner payout between $1,800 to $2,200 who owns 2 units, owning 1 unit payout is $900 to $1,100. This doubles your initial contribution)
This business will build generational wealth though exponentially growing- How much will it be with 10,20 or even 50 cities?

So, You are still reading

Are you sick and tired of being one step late when an opportunity arises? Did you ever wish to join a business when the Start-up growth is just around the corner? (I am sure you missed the Microsoft, Apple, Google shares, even the BTC when it all was available first time.)

Limited available partner Units, only 30 - period!

Time for a change, become a passive partner (optional to be active for an exclusive city)

We are expanding our local business services, providing a SaaS (Software as a Service) with an "Evergreen" business, using the latest software and video creation programs, Mobile App building program, and storage platforms (Amazon AWS and Wasabi Cloud services), adding/upgrading new web based products and services as they become available. Our cost factors are Mobile App domains and SSL, as well as Outsource marketing to businesses in selected cities, these cost will lower by volume.  
Every Person participating with the Partner / Founder Plan, will become a vested Partner in the Mobi1 Group when we will incorporate at a future date, and will continually receive Partner Revenue distribution, or the quoted minimum guarantee, which ever is higher. 

Benefits for YOU as a Mobi1 Group Partner Member:
you receive a guaranteed minimum "Loyalty" payout of 15% per year**
you receive Ownership Shares upon completion of the planned incorporation 
you receive Business Listings in the Mobile Directories or niche directory (if applicable)

you receive as collateral an active domain of a Mobi1 Group Directory, placed into your registrar account for safe keeping. 
you receive a Mobile App site with your custom domain and SSL. (if applicable)
you receive an Avatar Pal Spokesperson for your own website (if applicable)

Receive discounted rates on Custom Avatar & Doodle styled Videos (optional available)

***1. Partner fee is refunded AFTER 2 years upon request by Partner 30 days prior to the end of the 2nd year, by initiating the "Buy-Back" Guarantee. Any earnings during the 2 years will be deducted, as well as payment service fees (such as Paypal/credit card fees). The minimum guarantee payment will NOT be deducted and will be Partner's to keep.

***2. The "Buy-Back" offer is ONLY valid once at the end of the second year and not earlier or later. When Founder Partner initiates the "Buy-Back" guarantee, the Partner agreement is terminated at such time, and Partner understands, that further remuneration for any businesses revenues will cease. If Founder Partner does not request a "Buy-Back" at that time, Founder Partner is considered a vested Member of the Mobi1 Group. If Founder Partner received shares of the Mobi1 Group (as planned with the incorporation), Founder Partner MUST return the collateralized Domain Name as well as any shares (issued at planned incorporation) at the time of the "Buy-Back" request. Failure to return the Domain name and any issued shares at such time, will void the "Buy-Back" request and Founder Partner will continue receiving all listed benefits.

**Guaranteed "Loyalty" Payout to Partner Members are minimum 15% per year, paid monthly or  every three months, based on your paid Membership contributions. Partner Member receives the allocated distribution of net-revenues, based on percentage of partnership, or minimum guarantee, whichever amount is higher.
During the first year, a Member should not expect to receive amounts above the listed guaranteed "Loyalty", since revenues will assist in the growing and expansion phase.

I am allocating up to 60% of company revenue distribution to the Partner Group. How much do you want to own? - minimum $500 (contact me with availabilty if you plan more than four units)

Join Today as future Mobi1 Partner with the "Partner Lifetime Member Plan" contribution, payment can also be Crypto Currency (BTC or ETH - contact me for crypto address).  Complete payment HERE

Mobi1 Group Services

Current and planned products and services.

City Business Directories    GPS & GeoIP targeted - 6 city sites

Custom Mobile Directory     GPS & GeoIP targeted

Niche MLM Directory            GPS & GeoIP targeted

Local Businesses Mobile App sites  (example demo)

3D Avatar Presenter (custom presentaion for local businesses)

3D Avatar Custom Videos & Human Spokesperson Business Category videos

Doodle styled Videos with Avatar Presenters combined

New Websites Coming soon:
Internet related resources, tools and educational sources

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A digital agency - Unique and Different.

Founder interest, contact us.

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